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This is a database of Bal maidens, ie. WOMEN & GIRLS. Type in the details you wish to search and click on the submit button. If you put nothing in the boxes you will get the entire database of 30,093 results! If you put too much you may get a NIL result, but the person you are searching for may still be there.

Try just the Surname (or even a short version of the surname) first. If this gives too many results then try adding First Name, or even just the first letter. If you have difficulty, please use the CONTACT US button (TOP LEFT) for help.

Names have been recorded as spelled in the original document, so you will need to have an open mind on how they might have been written. Many heads of household will not have been literate! The way you spell your surname now may be different from the way it was recorded 150 years ago. For example the name Jelbard may be spelled JELBART or JELBERD, GILBARD, or even GILBERT. Best results are obtained by putting in the first few letters only, or alternatively consult our Name Variants page for different options of Surnames and First Names.

BEWARE OF THE SPACEBAR - Ann will find Ann, Anne, Annie, Annette, BUT Ann(space) will only find Ann.

FIRST NAMES may well have been changed to a preferred form (Eleanor, Ellen, Nel, Nelly etc), or alternatively spelled incorrectly by Enumerator or Transcriber. It is often better to omit these from the search form.

Because of the large number of searchers who fail to find what they are looking for, simply because they put in too much information, we have removed the Place of Residence and Place of Birth boxes from the search. This information is still displayed on the search results. If you wish to search for all bal maidens born or resident in a particular place, please use the CONTACT US button, and we will search for you.

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If you have names, corrections, or information to add to our database, please email us, using the button in the top left corner of the page.  


Do not forget to check for alternative spellings on our Name Variants Pages.
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