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Regional Returns - Hampshire

Surname First Name Status Employment Dates Notes Factory NRGW Ref
Andrew G. M Shell sling manufacture     Summer's + Payne's 4/008
Bailey C. O. S   1914-15   Gosport Munitions 10/008
Brady C.  S Cartridge man, shell filling + packing 1915-17   Gosport Munitions 10/026
Buckland A. B. S Mine manufacture 1918-19   Naval Mining School 10/032
Clark E. M. S Depth charge manufacture     Gun Wharf, Portsmouth 10/045
Ellis W. S   1916-?   Eastleigh Muntions 4/124
Ellis W. S       Swathling Munitions 4/124
Ellis W. S       Winchester Munitions 4/124
Gant M. S Shell painting and repairing     Priddy's Hard, Gosport 10/300
Haskett E. B. S Mechanic 1914-?   Portsea Munitions 10/101
Haskett E. B. S Mechanic     Gun Wharf, Portsmouth 10/101
Hawkins L. C. M       Gun Wharf, Portsmouth 10/310
Jennings H. A. S   1915-18   Gosport Munitions 10/121
King L. S   1915-18   Bennett + Tapley's, Totton 4/222
Lilywhite N. S Testing deep sea mines     Gun Wharf, Portsmouth 10/139
Matthews B. S Shell filling      Priddy's Hard, Gosport 10/334
McArthy O. L. S Shell filling + painting, TNT bagging     Priddy's Hard, Gosport 10/143
Mills G. A. M Shell manufacture ?-1918   Baily & White's 10/336
Montgomery M. S. M Gun cleaning     Bevois Valley, Empress Rd 4/265
Munday L. S Shell manufacture     Bennett + Tapley's, Totton 4/271
Randall V. K. M Mine inspector     Gun Wharf, Portsmouth 10/187
Wallbridge G. I. M Cartridge + shell filling 3.5 yrs   Priddy's Hard, Gosport 10/238
Webb L. M   1916   King St Shell Factory, Portsea 10/243
Williams Edith   Cordite manufacture 4 yrs   Holton Heath, Bournmouth 4/407





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