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Regional Returns - Unidentified Locations


Surname First Name Status Employment Dates Notes Factory Residence Post War NRGW Ref
Ambler G. H. M Large munitions works       Leagrave, Luton 5/005
Atkins E.   TNT Dept 1914-18 Illness   Hammersmith, London 1/012
Aylett V. W. S Shell packing       Hammersmith, London 1/014
Berry F. S Shell filling       Fulham, London 1/026
Boatman N. M. M Shell filling       Hammersmith, London 1/031
Bond C. E.  S Flare manufacture       Fulham, London 1/032
Brett K. A.   Munitons       Willersden, London 1/037
Brett A. L. S Cartridge manufacture       Willersden, London 1/037
Brook M. S TNT dept 3 yrs TNT poisoned   Leeds 8/042
Buck Annie S Shell manufacture       Willersden, London 1/043
Bullen M. S Hand grenade manufacture 18 mos     Fulham, London 1/044
Burrows M. S Hand grenade manufacture       Fulham, London 1/046
Cahalarne H.   Munitons       Fulham, London 1/048
Chenery M. S Munitons       Harlesden, London 1/057
Childs F. S Fuse manufacture       Willersden, London 1/058
Clark F. B. M Cartridge inspector       Fulham, London 1/059
Clark H. M Cartridge inspector at 2 sites       Willersden, London 1/060
Clarke A M Munitons       Fulham, London 1/059
Clarke L. E. M Turning shell cases       Tottenham, London 1/061
Cliggett N. M Munitons 2  yrs     Fulham, London 1/063
Cooper F. M.  M Fuse inspector 1916     Willersden, London 1/070
Craig A. E. S Shell filling + flare manufacture       Fulham, London 1/075
Craig F. A. M. S Munitons       Fulham, London 1/075
Crust C.  M Munitons 4 yrs     Willersden, London 1/078
Davey E. M Shell filling       Harlesden, London 1/081
Davies L. L. M Hand grenade manufacture 2 yrs     Fulham, London 1/082
Duncan E. M Munitons       Fulham, London 1/094
Duncan J. S Hand grenade manufacture       Fulham, London 1/094
Dunham D. A. S Munitons 1917-19     Harlesden, London 1/094
Eames E. S Munitons       Willersden, London 1/095
Elmslie L.  S Small arms manufacture       Tottenham, London 1/100
Emery H. S Hand grenade manufacture       Acton, London 1/101
Eves E. M Shell + bomb filling       Fulham, London 1/104
Firbank M. H. S Shell filling, TNT (large munitions works) ?-1918 Present at explosion   Leeds 8/113
Fisher E. M. S Shell filling + hand grenade manufacture       Fulham, London 1/109
Fletcher S. M. S Shell filling       Fulham, London 1/110
Ford K. M Box manufacture       Fulham, London 1/112
Fox A. L. S Munitons       Fulham, London 1/114
Freeman A. M Munitons       Willersden, London 1/116
Furnell L. M Munitons       Hammersmith, London 1/119
Gallagher B. M Munitons       Willersden, London 1/120
Galvin A. M Box manufacture + packing       Fulham, London 1/120
Gardiner F. R. M Munitons       Willersden, London 1/121
Gardner I M Small arms manufacture       Willersden, London 1/121
Goodacre E. S Munitons       Fulham, London 1/130
Goodway D. M Munitons       Fulham, London 1/131
Greenfield L.  M Munitons     Darracq London 1/136
Gretton F. M. M Munitons       Fulham, London 1/137
Griffin E. M Fuse manufacture       Willersden, London 1/137
Griffin D. S Large munitions works 1917-18     Copnor, Portsmouth 10/305
Harnetty E. E. M Cartridge filling       Fulham, London 1/147
Hook E. V. S Grenade filling 1916-18   Parkinson & Crowan, London Kennington, London 3/360
Kerry A. R. M Large munitions works       Birmingham 6/246
Leppington F. M Large munitions works 7 mos     Leeds 8/199
Lloyd J. M Gun parts manufacture etc 1917     Birmingham 6/265
Low G. M. S Shell manufacture 1916-18     Harlesden, London 1/216
Miles B. M Box manufacture       Fulham, London 1/234
Pilgrim R. S Shell fuse manufacture 1915   London? Southampton 4/302
Platt E. M Shell finisher + turner 1915-18     Manchester 11/301
Platt E. M Shell finisher + turner 1915-18     Manchester 11/301
Rawlings D. S Shell casting (large munitions works) 1915-18     Leeds 8/277
Reading D. M. S Cartridge manufacture   Lost two fingers Sparklets London 1/288
Russell A. R. M Munitons 3 yrs     Fulham, London 1/301
Smith N. S National Shell + Projectile Factory 1916-18     Leeds 8/320
Steed E. M Bullet manufacture   OBE for services Sparklets London 1/331
Taylor A. R. S Munitions near home 1915     Leeds 8/342
Tose A. R. S Large munitions works 3 yrs     Bradford 9/194
Walton B. S Munitions near home 1916     Leeds 8/371
Ward A. E. S National Shell Factory near home 1916-19     Bradford 9/201
Woodcroft N. M Drilling at engineering works 1915-18     Luton 5/392




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