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Regional Returns - Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire


Surname First Name Status Employment Dates Notes Factory NRGW Ref
Adams J. S Cartridge manufacture 4 yrs   Kynock's Birmingham 6/002
Barber S. J. M Bullet manufacture ?-1919   Abram's 6/021
Beddoes L. M Hand grenade filling     Webb's, Hockley 6/031
Bottrell S. M Gauger of hand grenades     Hope's Engineering, Smethwick 6/046
Brooks N. M Gunpowder preparation 1915-19   Briscoe's, Park Street 6/057
Buckland A. B. S   1914-18   Kynock's Birmingham 10/032
Burgess Edith S   1918   Kynock's Birmingham 6/064
Burgess Emily S Small arms ammo manufacture 1915-18   Kynock's Birmingham 6/064
Callow H. G. S       Abram's 6/070
Davies A. C. M Bomb component manufacture     Selly Oak Munitions 6/105
Edwards H. E. S Drawing machine for cartridges 1917-19   Abram's, Hadley Road 6/126
Ellis A. S Cartridge clip manufacture   Lost finger + thumb Ellaway's, Bishop Street 6/128
Evans E. A. S Gauger (?) 1914-18   Kynock's Birmingham 6/132
Forrester D. M Cartridge clip manufacture ?-1918   Ellaway's, Bishop Street? 6/144
Gallett K. M Shell manufacture     Abram's, Lander Street 6/151
Gittens W. M       Avery's 6/158
Gullick Alice         Kynock's Birmingham 6/171
Hadley K. M Machinist 1914-?   Kynock's Birmingham 6/174
Harwood E. M Fuse manufacture 3.5 yrs   Myatt's, Hockley 6/188
Hawkins E. A. S Shell manufacture, capstan lathe work     Vicker's, Drew Lane 6/190
Haywood F. M. S Cartridge case manufacture 1915-18   Kynock's Birmingham 6/193
Hill G. S       Kynock's Birmingham 6/201
Hill D. S       Kynock's Birmingham 6/201
Hill D. S Gauging fuse cases 1916-   Abram's, Saltley 6/201
Hipkiss G. M. M Gauger  1918-19   Collins Shell Factory, Hockley 6/204
Holland L. S Shell manufacture 1914-18   Kynock's Birmingham 6/209
Jenkins M. S Shell painting + packng, powder mixing 1915-16   Herefordshire Munitions 4/216
Jenkins M. S Shell painting + packng, powder mixing 1915-16   Herefordshire Munitions 4/216
Johnson N. S Bullet assembly   14 yrs old on enlisting Birmingham Munitions Factory 6/233
Jones V. K. M Cartridge case manufacture 1915-18   Abram's, Lander Street 6/240
Kerridge H. M   1914-19   Coventry Ordnance 10/107
Knight N. M Shell drilling     Hope's Engineering, Smethwick 6/249
Knight N. M Shell manufacture     Glasse's, Spon Lane 6/249
Lane M. L. M Gauging shells     Kynock's Birmingham 6/252
Langford E. M. S Soldering shell fuses     Coventry Ordnance 10/134
Leen N. M Bomb manufacture 1914-18   Booth's 6/257
Lowe M. E. S Bullet manufacture 1916-18   Abram's, Saltley 6/266
Mall R. S Hand grenade manufacture 1914-?   Hick's, Hockley Street 6/270
Matthews A.  M       Kynock's Birmingham 6/276
McManus L. E. M Gun part manufacture     Florence Street Munitions 6/280
Mortiboys E.  M Gauging strips for fuses + shells     Kynock's Birmingham 6/291
Plumbridge J. M Shell filling     Banbury Nat. Filling Station 1/274
Plumbridge J. M Shell filling     Banbury Nat. Filling Station 1/274
Ramsay C. M Bullet manufacture 1914-18 Also employed during  Boer War Abram's, Hadley Road 6/337
Rhodes A. E.   Grenade manufacture     Collins Shell Factory, Hockley 6/342
Rhodes A. E.   Powder dept.     Chance & Hunt 6/342
Sherriff C. M Capstan lathe work 2 yrs   Birmingham Munitions Factory 6/366
Slater E.         Hooper's Munitions, Hospital Street 6/372
Smith E.   Bullet manufacture     Abram's 6/375
Stanier V. M Small arms manufacture 1916-19   Birmingham Small Arms Factory 6/386
Sutton M. L. M Bullet manufacture     Hopkin's 6/394
Sutton M. C. M Bullet manufacture     Abram's 6/394
Tame M. J. M Shell turning 2 yrs   Wolsley's, Ward End 6/396
Taylor A. M Naval TNT dept   Ill health Chandler & Hunt, Oldbury 6/397
Turvey B. M Bullet manufacture, d + n 1914-18   Kynock's Birmingham 6/414
Waters M. M Machinist 3 yrs   Abram's, Hadley Road 6/427
Webb A. M Grinder 1915-17   Abram's, Hadley Road 6/429
White E. E. M Fuse manufacture     Wolsley's, Ward End 6/435
Whittingham B. M Cartridge case manufacture 1917   Abram's, Hadley Road 6/438
Wiltshire L. M Shell manufacture     Handsworth Carriage Works 6/447




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