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Female munitions workers recorded in the National Register of the Great War and elsewhere are listed by area, giving the munitions works where they were employed (if known). An additional table has been compiled for those whose place of work has not been given or identified. (Only those believed to have been handling explosives are shown; for instance those building aircraft or gun parts have not been included).

Our tables give surname and first name (but this was usually given only as an initial in the original), status (M = married, W = widowed, S = single), type of employment and dates, additional notes (including work-related injury or illness) and the NRGW reference giving volume and page. The information given in the NRGW follows a very similar format across the volumes, and appears to be based on details given in the ‘Certificate of Merit’ awarded to these workers by the Ministry of Munitions at the end of the war.

Some additional names are given from other sources, including the 37 women and girls who died in explosions at the Barnbow Munitions Factory in Armley, Leeds (35 in 1916 and 2 in 1917), and 2 who died at Brunner-Mond Factory in Silvertown, Newham in 1917.


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